Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day

Full Video work for your wedding


6 Hours on site filming

1 videographer

1 pre planning session of 1 hour

Travel within the Greater Toronto Area

A finalized video of your wedding


Social Media Starter Pack

Perfect video package for building a brand presence online. You will receive an hour worth of video content after 8 hours of filming on set, 2 planning sessions and travel within the Greater Toronto Area included.


1 videographer

8 hours on site

Travel within the GTA

1 hour worth of video content (can be multiple videos of varying length adding up to 1 hour)


Social Media Expert Pack

This package is for the business looking to build a multimedia presence online with videos that can be used on a website, social media and in traditional media platforms. Package includes the following:

5 hours of final video broken up as needed for the prroject

24 hours of on set filming

4 x 1 hour planning sessions with on call sessions available

Travel within the GTA

3 days on set hair styling

3 days on set makeup


General Video Work

If you are looking to create some videos but don’t want to commit to a package or are unsure of what you need this may be the solution for you.

We can discuss your vision, plan something out, shoot and edit it working with you the whole way. If you are unfamiliar with video content and don’t know where to start this is probably the best way to get into it. It is a minimal commitment and a more “pay as you go” solution.

Provide as much information as possible in the initial contact email and I will reach out to plan further and finalize as needed.

Filming at $45 / hour

Editing at $50 / hour

Consultation included with commitment to minimal 2 hours of filming and 2 hours of editing.

After deciding on what you need we will provide an estimate of the hours of work with a maximum. The maximum means that should things take longer than our estimate you will not be billed more but if things take less time you will be billed less. This helps to limit you overrunning a budget.

Basic Website Build

If you are looking for an online presence that you can maintain over time this is the solution for you. We will build out your initial website and show you how to use it so that you can update it as needed. This is best for those looking to have a more static web presence and those that don’t plan on updating often.

All websites are hosted on our servers and annual hosting rates apply. Annual cost for web hosting with a domain name is $144 / Year

Seventh Floor Studio was founded on making professional website development more accessible for small businesses like yours. We pride ourselves on keeping web development affordable and scaling it correctly to your needs.

Basic Website: $500

This includes the initial site planning and build. It is a base rate. This is for the kind of site that would constitute an online business card. Take a look at some examples here. The content (copy and images) are provided by you we just create the platform for distribution.

Full Online Presence

This is a complete site build that includes content creation. This includes the following:

Copy Writing

Images (photos taken at your site of business)

Simple video work and hosting

3 hours of consulting and planning


On Call Website Updates

If you have a basic website through us and plan on small monthly updates but don’t want to pay the hourly rate for that you can choose to pay a recurring monthly rate (billed annually) for unlimited updates through the month.

$80 / month

On Call Video Editing

Great for those that film their own content. Are you an aspiring creator who needs a little help or an established presence looking to offload your editing burden? This is where to look. Also great for those that are confident in filming but don’t know where to start when it comes it editing.

Monthly retainer: $45.00 / month

Hourly: $40.00