Everything is online now, why shouldn’t you be? It no longer costs a fortune to build and maintain a website. It used to be that web sites were the domain of big corporations, silicone valley startups and hobbyists, but that era is long gone.

The problem is that while web site design might be easier than ever it still takes time. Time you don’t have. Building and maintaining a website can be a full time job, especially if you have to learn as you go. A website is not an effective marketing tool if it ends up taking up most of your marketing time.

That is where we come in. If you’re looking to build something like a simple online calling card we can help. If you’re looking to build a complex multi layer blog, we can help. If you just want to do it yourself but need some help getting started, we can help there too. If you have an old site you want spruced up or completely rebuilt, well we can help with that.

By using ready built tools we are able to keep the time and costs of building a website low while still providing you with a polished final product you are proud to share. A site that will be totally customizable and unique to you.

Just take a look at our rates and let us know what you are looking for. We will be happy to come up with an estimate and work with you to build out your online presence.


Web Consultation (helping plan out your design) – $40 / hr

Site design and construction – $42 / hr

Site hosting (with URL) – $12 / month

Site hosting (Bring your own URL) – $11 / month

Ad hoc site maintenance* and updates – $30 / hr

SSL security – Free**

*updates and security patches are included in the hosting cost if you decide to host your website with us

**when your site is hosted with us. Other hosts may charge for SSL certificates