Corporate Film

You want to take your online presence to the next level and connect with clients and prospects. Video is a great tool for this and online video consumption is one of the fastest growing areas of social media.

Online video is no longer just YouTube, now every social media platform has video capabilities and video is fast becoming the primary way people use the platforms. From Instagram stories, to Facebook live and Twitter’s short clips more and more content is moving to video.

Video allows you to connect with prospects on a more personal level, it gets their attention and most importantly, when well done, keeps their attention. That is the part that is hard to pull off and that is where we come in. Quality footage, sound and editing allow you to present a polished and professional image across all social platforms.

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All video projects will end with you receiving the final file in .mp4 at the highest quality along with multiple versions encoded for the best performance on different social media platforms.

Please note that different social media platforms handle video content differently, we will ask where you plan to share the video and shoot around that. What this means is that if you want to shoot in 4k for YouTube but later decide to upload the video to Instagram it might not be the optimal aspect ratio or bitrate and there will be nothing we can do to fix that short of re-shooting (or potentially edits that could ruin the overall quality). Also different platforms generally expect different tones in the content, so letting us know at the start is always the best bet